Medenus RS250 Series Gas Regulators

The MEDENUS gas pressure regulator type RS250 ensures a constant outlet pressure - regardless of the primary (inlet) pressure - when the gas usage varies and ensures a quick pressure regulation when the flow rate abruptly changes. The inbuilt safety shut off valve ensures a safe shut off if the pressure is too high or too low.

The gas pressure regulator RS250 is suitable for gases in accordance with DVGW Code of Practice G260/262 and all other neutral and non-corrosive gases (others upon request).The RS250 is available with flange connections DN25 to DN100 and working pressure up to 8,0 bar. All gas pressure regulators are certified by DVGW and CE.

All regulators of the RS-series are with options like safety membrane, vent valve, remote release of SSV, noise reduction and many more available. For any details please look into our documentation or get in contact with us.