Topog-E Gaskets

Topog-E Gaskets

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The steam boiler industries standard gaskets

The steam boiler market makes extreme demands on gaskets; Topog-E® moulded rubber gaskets are specifically formulated to meet and exceed these demands and deliver industry standard performance.

Topog-E® Series 180 gaskets have been refined through a series of over 600 research formulation tests to ensure that they are able to meet the exacting performance standards of the steam boiler industry.

When used on steam pressure vessels Topog-E® Series 180 gaskets are typically used at operating pressures of up to 180 PSI (12 bar) and saturated steam temperatures up to 380º F. (193º C) for an average service life of one year.
When used in other applications (e.g. condensate, water, and air vessels) Topog-E® Series 180 gaskets are sometimes used at pressures above 200 PSI (14 bar) where temperatures are typically more moderate (e.g. below 250ºF./121ºC.) When operating under less severe conditions (e.g. water applications at ambient temperatures) Topog-E® Series 180 gaskets can provide very long service lives. Topog-E® Series 180 gaskets have been used successfully around the world for over forty years. In general, any type of industrial pressure vessel or tank that has inspection openings is a potential application where Topog-E® Series 180 gaskets can be used as a cost effective sealing device. In addition to using them in steam pressure vessels, customers also use Topog-E® molded gaskets and sheet material with great success in many other applications.